"Aside from their melodic instrumentals, alumine incorporates truthful lyrics. It’s all about reaching out to the people and things that inspire you daily."

Gainesville Scene



"“alumine is the kind of band you listen to at any moment, a band that can accompany all moments and will surely be part of our 2017 from today onwards.” (Translated from Spanish)

Escena Indie Colombia



"Must have on your playlist" (Translated from Spanish)

Zone Nights Argentina





"The song is packed with poppy and math-y riffs, with constant speed ups and slow downs to keep listeners on their toes. ... Soto's voice is pure and raw as they yell into the microphone"

The Le Sigh



"Their songs tackle a variety of serious issues such as torn friendships, love, and mental illnesses, and they do so in a way that is refreshing and therapeutic because many people can relate to these problems that are often hard to talk about and discuss with others."

Focus Magazine



"Everything about this album is passion in its rawest form. The way the band goes into strong and powerful break downs and the vocal doubling makes you want to jump out of your desk chair. The instruments are just the right amount of intricate and understandable for the average listener, while making any real music buff drool."